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BP10 Commemoration Report

Communities from across the Gulf South and the nation joined together on April 20, 2020 to commemorate 10 years since the BP Drilling Disaster standing in solidarity with the frontlines to remember and understand the impact of the BP Oil Drilling disaster.  Together, we remembered the lives lost, discussed the impact on Mississippi fishing communities, and lifted up the role of art and culture in disaster. Speakers included a former Deepwater Horizon rig worker, local advocates, and recovery leaders, all offering first hand knowledge of impact and community solutions. The content of this report comes from their offerings. Click here to read the report.

Fair Housing, Climate & Health Report

Each year for the last nine years, the Center for Fair Housing in Mobile, Alabama has held a Regional Justice Leadership Summit bringing together leaders and advocates across the South working on housing issues and a range of other social justice issues. This year's summit, over 300 people from across the country came together virtually to connect the dots between fair housing, health, criminal justice, immigration, and the climate crisis. The content of this report comes from the expert testimony shared during the Summit. Click here to read the report.

Report on the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribunal on Human Rights

In response to the continued attempts by corporations and governments to erase the significance of their culture, history, and land, the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas held a tribunal on human rights on May 22nd and 23rd, 2020 to document past and present harms against their people, the Esto’k Gna. This report includes the testimony of Esto’k Gna people, allies from fellow Native nations, and other non-Native allies during the tribunal. Their testimony showed significant patterns of human rights violations and that the LNG terminals, as proposed, would violate Indigenous rights, rights to health through environmental racism, and even the most basic rights enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Click here to read the official Observer's Opinion submitted to the United Nations and here to read the full report.

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