Gulf South for a Green New Deal

GCCLP is anchoring Gulf South for a Green New Deal: a formation of both policy development and organizing towards creating a Green New Deal that is inclusive of the Gulf South (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL) and advances long-existing work in our region towards climate, racial, and economic justice. Gulf South for a Green New Deal aims to:

  1. Connect the Dots between the climate crisis, the coastal crisis, the economic crisis and the political crisis in the region

  2. RE-Imagine Our Collective Future for the Gulf South region through tailored policy and action platforms.

  3. Build Power from the ground up across the lines of race, class, gender and generation. 

Road to a Green New Deal Tour  

In 2019, next generation leaders with the Sunrise Movement launched the Road to a Green New Deal tour to catalyze a national conversation about the Green New Deal (You can also connect to or start your own Sunrise Hub by going to  GCCLP anchored the New Orleans stop of the national Sunrise tour and launched Gulf South for a Green New Deal. Continued gratitude for the 45+ organizations who co-sponsored the event and the 800+ people who attended to advance our shared goals: 1) Honor local Indigenous and Black leadership around caring for each other and the earth; 2) Create a safe, inclusive space to connect the dots around climate, climate disaster, jobs, and next generation leadership; 3) Launch Gulf South for a Green New Deal as a multi-state effort to implement the vision of the Green New Deal rooted in the unique reality of the Gulf South. We received great local coverage from the Louisiana WeeklyWWNO, and more.

Gulf South Policy Platform 

GCCLP is anchored monthly calls for leaders across the Gulf South (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL) to cultivate legislative priorities unique to the Gulf South as they relate to the Green New Deal. This Regional Policy Advisory Committee spent six months developing the Gulf South for a Green New Deal Policy Platform. The policy platform was officially released in October 2019 with over 100 organizations across the Gulf South. 

Gulf South for a Green New Deal Initiative 

Gulf South for a Green New Deal (GS4GND) is a multi-year, multi-state initiative to address the climate crisis through the advancement of equity and justice along with the creation of millions of living wage, ecologically sustainable jobs.  


This regional formation of organizations, networks, small businesses and engaged residents develops policy, advances civic engagement through regional campaigns and organizes communities in the creation of a uniquely Gulf South version of a Green New Deal. By centering the realities, power and relevance of the Gulf South (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL), Gulf South for a Green New Deal connects long-existing work in the South towards climate, racial, and economic justice. 


This initiative will advance regional grassroots policy and practices that center laborers, farmers, fisherfolk, tribal nations and frontline communities in a just transition away from extractive economies that accelerate the global climate crisis. GS4GND will build regional power to advance a uniquely southern, collective, frontline vision for a sustainable future.

The Gulf South for a Green New Deal regional initiative advances a uniquely Southern vision and approach to global climate crisis. Coordinated through issues and regional networks, collective efforts center equity and justice in the innovation, advocacy, and creation of millions of jobs that transition the current social and economic toward a future where every community can survive and thrive.

The Gulf South for a Green New Deal embodies five key approaches to the work, namely:

  1. HEAL + RECONCILE: Honor, archive, and advance the inherent sovereign rights and traditional knowledge of Indigenous principles and methods of healing the human relationship to the land and to one another. Reconcile the relationships of communities traditionally pitted against one another. 

  2. CONNECT + BUILD: Connect the dots between the climate crisis, coastal crisis, the toxic impact of the extractive and polluting industries, and the ​economic and political crisis in the Gulf South.

  3. SHIFT + RE-IMAGINE: Shift frontline relationships through information sharing, community participatory research, and collaborative analysis development toward an intersection approach for shared liberation. Re-imagine a collective future for the Gulf South through equity and justice - tailored strategy and communications campaign to shift the national narrative about the value, role, and leadership of Gulf South region.

  4. DEMOCRATIZE + ORGANIZE: Democratize information and political processes toward structural shifts that dismantle systems of oppression. Organize aligned regional direct action, policy, and communication campaigns that advances the unique collective grassroots shift towards a just transition away from extractive economies and toward a sustainable future. 

  5. RESOURCE + RE-INVEST: Resource and support the thought leadership and frontline work of Gulf South leaders through the development of progressive organizing, legal, and funding relationships and alternative forms of community controlled dollars in climate resilience and resistance of Southern frontlines. 


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