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The Imposters look exactly like Crewmates, only evil. The Imposters have three ways of winning: Killing enough Crewmates to have the majority, booting them out the airlock or managing to destroy the Reactor or Oxygen supply.

As an impostor, dominate using ESP and radar, which help you see the location of other players nearby, and our InstaKill function, with which you will instantly and easily destroy players.


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On mobile, you can either use the touch controls or the joystick control. The touch controls basically moves your character where your mouse is. The joystick control gives you a joystick to control your character. Personally I recommend using joystick as your hand won’t go all over the screen but it is all down by preference. Most action buttons are on the right side of your screen.

Among Us Hack Apk gives you the option to play on each side. Whether an astronaut or an imposter. Astronauts are innocent people who are continuously finding unknown enemies. Imposters are the enemies who are in disguise. You can become an enemy imposter as well as a detective astronaut. By doing this, you will experience both characters more clearly.

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This book is such an influential read. translated into hundreds of languages. This book has as much information packed into it's little sussy pages as the entire bible. It is truly a great work of art. This book has made a massive impact on the world of the sussus amogus forever and deserves nothing but the highest praise for all impostors.

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Players are invited to join the team on the spaceship. They travel through the infinite universe and explore new planets. In the story of the game, an enemy has entered the ship, who wants to destroy the entire crew and damage the life support systems of the flying ship. You need to find out where the attacker is and why they need it.

Everyone who wants to improve at Among Us, but beginners will get the most out of it. :D

A minimum amount of 5 people are needed for this trophy

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In the meantime, anyone who spots a cheater or hacker can report it to the host, who can then ban them from the game. For now, it’s the best way to get rid of cheaters and hackers in Among Us.

This skill is the least easy to use and only experienced players master it. But to become stronger, knowing how it works is useful. The doorlog tells you who has passed through the coloured stripes on the ground (blue, green, orange). So you can tell who went where. Moreover, as everything on Mira is connected by Winds, you can spot the clever ones who teleport.

Das sind recht grundlegende Umwälzungen am Spiel und ich frage mich, wie schnell es gehen kann, diese umzusetzen. Für uns Spieler und Fans von Among Us jedenfalls nicht schnell genug. Bis dahin gilt: Trefft ihr auf Hacker, einfach nicht ihr "Spiel" mitspielen. Nicht wütend werden, nicht beleidigen, und vielleicht einfach mal kollektiv eine Partie aussetzen, bis sie die Lust daran verlieren, euch zu piesacken.

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It launched in June 2018 and stayed largely under the radar, but soared in popularity during lockdown due to its appearance on several high-profile Twitch channels.

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Innersloth has added a Parent Portal – although it’s not mandatory to create an account, some features will be locked if you decide not to. The safety measures aim to make Among Us safer for everyone and, especially, kids 13 and under.

My kids are now obsessed with Among Us. For years, it’s been Minecraft or Roblox, but for the last few months, our house has been filled with non-stop game play of Among Us.

People that want to learn how to play Among Us!

this application helps the user in making use of all the services of the app without rooting their Android device.

Please ban this hacker that is destroying the game

love the software so far. its good enough to keep the setting low and let it act as...

Want to cheat discreetly? Use this instead of visuals.

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Im having trouble. I don’t understand what you want me to download for the file pls help

This strategy relies on killing an isolated target near a vent and then immediately sabotaging something that leads crewmates away from the body. Then you'll want to hide nearby and wait for your Kill ability to become available again before jumping into the vent directly under the body to wait for your next victim. When someone walks nearby, immediately jump out and kill them to keep them from reporting the body.

For the moment, we’re just going to learn about how to play – we’ll cover how to customise your character (name, colour, outfit etc) after we get a little practice at Crewmate and Impostor gameplay.

Whenever you see a player in a task spot, do not assume they are safe and friendly. If they are truly completing the task, the task bar should fill up. Also, they need time to complete a task, especially if it’s a long one. See someone ‘start’ the Reactor in just a second? Imposter!

The hack really cripples gameplay and is very annoying for the players because of the highly negative experience. Many players took to social media to air their grievances. Many taking to twitter to reply to their favorite creators and letting them know of the issue. As of now Innersloth has not responded to the claims.

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I sent an email to the developers, although I don't know if I did it right, I think there is no need to keep this particular subject, I was just trying not to flood the page, because I usually comment a lot. And I sent them an email asking them to try to find out if people who use the hack also used the same to know who the impostor is, because a few months ago I already saw it happen, and this hack is not from long ago

Among Us is a multiplayer video game, where you play as The Crew on a spaceship. Work together on this airship to carry out various mini-tasks throughout the map. Once completed, you will be able to depart with all of your crew members. However, one or two members are The Imposter trying to kill everyone on board and hinder your mission.

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This feature will change your skin to the ghost even when you are alive. Use this feature to see Ghost and Ghost Chats.

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Throughout your in-game adventures, the game will introduce its gamers to many interesting mini-games which you can enjoy and have fun. Feel free to dive into the exciting missions where you’ll get to play many different mini-games, each offering its own unique gameplay. Fix the gadgets on your spaceship with Among Us. Or enable your tricky sabotages through the interesting mini-games.

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You have abilities as the Impostor the other Crewmates don't get: sabotage and kill. Sabotage makes problems that the crew must go fix and kill eliminates another player within range. The range and cool-down to kill can vary between games, depending on the host's settings. You can lock doors as part of sabotage.

Bots, Emojis, And Friends: How To Setup An Among Us Discord Server

The main problem with all the hacks available on various sites is that they get banned Every week. So, we are here with no ban hack. Now, you won’t get banned for using Mod Among Us APK.

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Ans: The APK extension is used for the Android package kit and the file format is used to install the Android application (X. XE for Windows). If you want to install an APK, you need to manually download and run the file (a process "sideloading").

However, it is VERY unlikely that you don’t enough space for Among Us if you’re on PC. The game is tiny by today’s standards – it’s smaller than, say, ten MP3s.

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The goal of the crew? Make the repairs on the spaceship and don’t get killed. But also, crewmates need to work together to figure out who the Imposter is so that they can kick them out of the game before they either sabotage the space ship or kill everyone. These group decisions about who the Imposter is are made in a rudimentary chat room where crewmates vote on who to kick off the spaceship. Choose wisely or you may yeet an innocent member of your crew into deep space while letting the Imposter free to kill again.

Novice Librarian (30 points): Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 1.

The game is often compared to being a blend of the traitor style games: Werewolf and Deceit.


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