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Join us to Build: #GulfSouth4GND May 2020

Last year we launched Gulf South for a Green New Deal (#GulfSouth4GND), a multi-year, multi-state initiative to address the climate crisis and advance equity and justice through the creation of millions of livable wage, sustainable jobs. #GulfSouth4GND uses five strategies to achieve the broader regional vision: 1) Heal + Reconcile; 2) Connect + Build; 3) Shift + Re-Imagine; 4) Democratize + Organize; 5) Resource + RE-Invest.

To advance the Gulf South for Green New Deal vision, we are focusing on two main strategies through three events in May and June. The first strategy is to Heal + Reconcile. We know that healing our relationships with each other and with the earth are fundamental steps toward achieving climate justice, ecological equity and a successful Green New Deal. The second strategy to Shift+ RE-imagine acknowledges that we have what we need and must be intentional in creating space to share information and develop a regional analysis of work and opportunities. The Carrizo Comecrudo Tribunal for Human Rights will advance the work of Indigenous and border tribes in South Texas (May 22-23). The 2020 Regional Leadership Summit (May 29) will advance the understanding of how fair housing connects to health and climate.  And the Sacred Waters Pilgrimage (June 20) will use ancient ritual and ceremony to heal the relationships between Native and Black women. You are invited to take the time to learn more about, register to attend and amplify frontline messages.  Join us, by registering below and ensuring your organization has signed on to the GS4GND Frontline Policy Platform.

Join us to Build. #GulfSouth4GND

Climate justice begins with indigenous sovereignty. Stand with the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas and stand against the three fracked-gas terminals and US border wall set to be built through sacred indigenous burial grounds. Join us for a two-day virtual human rights tribunal this Friday May 22 & Saturday May 23, 2020 starting at 9amCDT. CLICK HERE to REGISTER for this virtual event.

Sacred Water Pilgrimage

The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy is proud to co-anchor the Sacred Waters Pilgrimage with the Wind & Warrior Collective. This 7 month virtual/actual pilgrimage down the Mississippi River will create space to heal relationships between one another and with mother earth using ancient ritual and ceremony. The Sacred Water Pilgrimage welcomes Native & Black Female or Two-Spirit identified people to join planning meetings in May and June and the Pilgrimage starting on June 20 in Minnesota. The celebratory end of the pilgrimage on December 21 will be held in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana and is open to the allied public. For more information and to get involved, please contact Bette Billiot 

The 9th annual Regional Leadership, hosted by the South Alabama Center for Fair Housing, will be held virtually on May 29. Join us as we engage leaders from across the Gulf South in dialogue to advance justice work in the region and connect the dots between fair housing, health, and climate change. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for this virtual event.

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