Water Equity & Water Economy

The Water Equity and Climate Resilience Caucus (WECR) is a national network of frontline Water Protectors. The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy and co-chairs WECR with PolicyLink. The role of the caucus is to collectively develop an analysis around the nation's water challenges and build policy strategies that advance water equity for frontline communities. WECR convenes the foremost leaders on the local, state, federal level working at the intersection of water equity and climate resilience to build strategy, peer power, and policy change.


The Caucus works to affect policies that move forward:

  1. Safe and affordable drinking water for the 100 million economically vulnerable residents. 

  2. Water infrastructure investments to build climate resilience and expand economic opportunities for communities of color.

  3. Agency for economically vulnerable communities in water infrastructure policymaking processes that shape their lives. 


For more information on WECR, click HERE.

Water Equity and Climate Resilience Caucus

Sustainable H20

GCCLP provides supports Sustainable H20, a Louisiana, Black-owned business cooperative that promotes water as a human right.

From their mission, "With our services at public events, we affirm that public water and public land should never be privatized. Sustainable H20 was created to preserve the right to have clean water, offer zero waste water services, and educate the community on justice issues that connect to our public water supply. 

Where public water is not clean, Sustainable H20 uses a community developed filtration system."

Listen to an interview with the project lead and GCCLP staffer, Eric Harrison, here.

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