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GCCLP Statement on Hurricane Ida

Dear Friend,

On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf South experienced another climate disaster in Hurricane Ida. We are currently working with partners and communities to assess the immediate and long-term impacts of the storm. Many of you have reached out with messages of solidarity, support, and concern as well as with prayers, intentions, and offerings. In that spirit, we offer ways to stand with those impacted by Hurricane Ida:

  • Donate to a community-controlled fund led by those at the frontline of recovery. We invite you to donate through the Gulf South rapid response fund at*

  • If you have supplies, donations, or contributions to provide for those in need, please contact Anthony Giancatarino at

  • Please take a moment in your day to bear witness, to be in solidarity with those on the frontlines of climate disasters, and to amplify the voices of the South.

  • Engage with, or continue to work with, your local community to push for a just transition away from fossil fuels and extractive economies so that we can stop fueling these climate disasters.


Hurricane Ida is yet another sobering reminder that the climate crisis is already upon us. The most recent IPCC report finally acknowledged what we have known for the last sixteen years: severe weather and devastating storms are a direct result of our changing climate. While all of us are impacted by these storms, for far too long we have continued to see that Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and poor folks are the most marginalized during preparation and recovery efforts. 


Our communities are on the frontlines of the climate crisis: we bear the brunt of flooding and disaster, we endure the harm of fossil fuel industries that have profited and caused this crisis, and we continue to see inequitable disaster recovery take place. In spite of these challenges, our communities are an incredible source of resistance, power, and strength. We are still here. 

Thank you for your concerns and continued work towards climate justice. 

In Solidarity,

The GCCLP Krewe

*GCCLP administers a community-controlled fund for rapid response to storm recovery to best move resources quickly to the ground. Collectively, with our community partners, we will ensure that any resources directed for rapid response go to where communities need it most.

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