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Movement Infrastructure


In addition to tailored consulting services to support individual community-based organizations, GCCLP offers various training opportunities to government agencies, academic institutions, and philanthropy committed to promoting equity. Trainings are tailored to build power and to offer innovative methods of multi-racial alliance building and cross-generational learning. GCCLP offers its training services to the Foundation for Louisiana in support of the LEAD program. GCCLP sessions lay a foundation for participants to develop an internal analysis around climate change, equity and justice, democracy, and accountability. Training helps build an intersectional analysis that strengthens the ability to work with frontline communities.

GCCLP has a variety of trainings on race, climate justice, and knowing your rights. GCCLP facilitation team has led trainings for: Gulf Restoration Network, Greater New Orleans Foundation, City of New Orleans, Steps Coalition, numerous coalitions and communities around the coast.


Ecological Equity/ Climate Justice Training Curriculum

By using community participatory research, collectivized local experiences, equity-based data, and new media, GCCLP has become a regional leader of equity training and presentations. GCCLP has developed a base-curriculum, Understanding Race, Power & Privilege in a new Climate Reality, and tailors it for community, elected officials, funders, and national allies working in the South.


Training and presentations include: 

  • Achieving Ecological Equity: Understanding Race, Power and Privilege in the US South.

  • Race, Power & Citizenship

  • Climate Justice 101

  • Climate Impact Series: (Health, Housing, Im/Migration, Democracy)

HR & Disaster Continuing Legal Education (Legal Training)

GCCLP uses license compliance regulations to educate private sector attorneys to better understand inequities in the law and legal procedures as well as the opportunities to use the law to advance equity in our society. CLE’s focus on the following:

  • Justice vs. Disaster Response: Federal Disaster Response 101

  • Policy & Practices around Disaster Claims

  • Protecting Constitutional Rights of Human Rights Defenders in disaster

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