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Theory of Change



GCCLP services advance ecological equity and social justice in the aftermath of climate disasters. Services are advance access to justice (Legal services) and support movement building from the ground up (Movement Support services). In 2014, GCCLP became an independent social enterprise with its core work rooted in providing access to justice (legal services) for people recovering from climate and extraction disasters. That same year, GCCLP formalized its base training curriculum, Understanding Race, Power & Privilege, and now tailors training for GCCLP fellowship programs, local Black and Indigenous elected officials, philanthropy and national allies.  


GCCLP's work is rooted in bottom-up organizing that builds community control and self determination. Organizing efforts are initiated in frontline and fenceline communities and from there builds networks led by impacted community. GCCLP engages in advocacy through an innovative, collaborative process with frontline communities. Policy priorities are developed through deep consultation with community and toward achieving the transformation of our economy and social structures to the benefit of the Gulf South’s most marginalized communities. GCCLP prioritizes tribal and land sovereignty as a foundational step to achieve this long-term goal. Therefore, Federal Recognition for the United Houma Nation remains a top advocacy priority for GCCLP’s just transition work. 

The Gulf South Rising- Katrina 10 Week o
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GCCLP’s long-standing commitment to regional leadership development that builds movement infrastructure of the Gulf South. Leadership is cultivated through fellowship programs that develop intersectional analyses, train on unique skills needed for effective work in the South, and offer healing rooted in traditional practices of communities of color. Leadership development programming is intended to identify and cultivate local leadership rooted in community and bound by the ultimate level of community accountability. GCCLP tailors fellowship programs (by cohort and through staffing) to develop and politicize a pool of local experts who advance a broader vision of ecological equity and climate justice. 


GCCLP develops advocacy that supports grassroots, human rights organizing to advance ecological equity and climate justice.  Engagement with International, federal and local policy that promotes community resilience. Development of community tools that promote resistance to the climate and social realities of communities of color.

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