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Sustainable Economy/Energy Democracy (SEED)

Just Transition PMA in Hancock County, MS
Gulf South Rising Community Controlled Fund Meeting


People’s Movement Assembly Facilitation 

GCCLP’s staff helps to facilitate community gatherings and group retreats using an equity-based approach to achieving agenda goals. Facilitation services advance co-created meeting goals and tailor the People’s Movement Assembly to maximize engagement and advance processes rooted in civic participation and self-determination. People’s Movement Assemblies (PMAs) focus on the following areas:

  • Energy Democracy

  • Climate Justice

  • Just Transition

Gulf South Rising (GSR) Community Controlled Funds

GCCLP facilitates the community processes to develop alternative forms of financing community recovery after climate-based disaster. Aimed at the challenges of the long-term recovery (as opposed to immediate response), these community controlled funding processes are developed by frontline community leaders asserting their priorities toward developing a more sustainable community within this new climate reality. GCCLP supports community leaders to work with Project South and the Sierra Club to develop these funds one (1) year after climate disaster in the Gulf South. Current funds facilitated by GCCLP include: the Louisiana K-10 Fund and the Hurricane Harvey Fund.

The GSR Community Controlled Fund (GSR CCF)'s collectively drafted statement of purpose, the fund "promotes just transitions away from extractive practices while dismantling oppressive structures which harm our communities and, ultimately, our ecology. We believe people on and of the land should control what happens to the land; the people of the South must control what happens in the South. This regenerating, community-controlled fund provides resources to foster power and promote togetherness in the region and exists to restore communities and to honor the legacy of strength and resistance in the Gulf South."​

Sustainable Business Development Program

GCCLP provides legal services to help establish Black and Indigenous owned small businesses with missions rooted in sustainability and long-term social good. After a business is assessed for legal viability, GCCLP provides training so that business (LA, MS, AL) owners better understand the principles of ecological equity, energy democracy, economic justice and climate justice.

Liberation Centers: Sustainability Design & Development

Members of the Gulf South Rising Collective, anchored at GCCLP lead, tailor, design and coordinate collective building processes to develop community-owned spaces into mutual aid centers that are energy independent, energy efficient, accessible to all members of community and connected to principles of collective community healing. As a member of the Southern Movement Assembly, these services are provided across 13 southern states and connect leaders working on social justice to those working on climate justice.


GCCLP provides targeted leadership development through fellowship and internship programming specifically tailored for leaders working in the unique landscape of the Gulf South. Leadership development programming is intended to identify and cultivate local leadership rooted in community and bound by the ultimate level of community accountability. GCCLP tailors fellowship & internship programs (by cohort and through staffing) to develop and politicize a pool of local experts who advance a broader vision of ecological equity and climate justice. GCCLP strengthens movement infrastructure through fellowship programs that develop local leadership.

SEED & Climate Fellows

GCCLP uses senior fellowship positions to staff and advance its organizational mission and support network formations at the local,state and national level. SEED senior fellows lead GCCLP program work and research focused on energy, economy and democracy.  Senior Climate Fellows lead program work and research on coastal science, climate science, climate justice and human rights. Senior Fellow positions are two (2) year terms located throughout the Gulf South.


Sustainable Economy & Energy Democracy (SEED) Network 

GCCLP aims to strengthen or develop statewide SEED coalitions in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to advance community plans for a new energy future in the Gulf region. Specific methods, campaigns and philosophies for achieving this will be determined by local coalition members. GCCLP’s provides movement support at quarterly meeting and training for local leaders. GCCLP currently works with the South Alabama Center for Fair Housing to host an annual leadership summit and with Hijra House (MS) to host an annual interfaith gathering, both of which will act as a regional gathering space for coalition members from all three states. GCCLP anchors the Louisiana Energy Democracy Coalition with the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Alliance for Affordable Energy and Sierra Club.

LA CPP Coordination meeting April 28, 20
Louisiana Energy Democracy Coalition


Louisiana Energy Democracy Coalition

GCCLP anchors Energy Democracy People's Movement Assemblies across the state as part of the Louisiana Energy Democracy Coalition. 

In 2016, on the heels of the Clean Power Plan, advocates across Louisiana came together for a Peoples Movement Assembly to discuss challenges and envision a new energy future. Anchored by GCCLP, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, and the Sierra Club, the assembly led to the creation of the Louisiana Energy Democracy Coalition, formed to coordinate a community-driven Louisiana People's Power Plan. Learn more at the LA Energy Democracy site here.​

Sustainable Economy People's Movement Assemblies (PMAs)

GCCLP is proud to partner with local leaders in communities across the Gulf South to support and facilitate People's Movement Assemblies (PMAs). The PMA process is one that builds local power and allows communities to identify their own problems and forge their own solutions. 


These PMAS further: 

  • Establish a regional network of leadership and build regional movement infrastructure

  • Offer an Ecological Equity/ Just Transition framework to participants to promote increased civic engagement in creating a renewable energy future for Mississippi.

  • Provide base-level information on local democratic processes and opportunities to participate.

  • Strengthen communications infrastructure rooted in climate justice and just transition.

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