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Bayou Rising 2018

GCCLP is proud to have hosted #BayouRising 2018 with our partners the United Houma Nation. For three days in July 2018, we ate together, danced together, went out on shrimping boats together, and had real conversations about the world and our place in it. Bayou Rising was part of GCCLP's watershed organizing practice and was a local approach to community building and learning as we honor the cultures and traditions that have helped Indigenous People (Native and Black) survive.

We are still inspired by everything we learned from the 100+ amazing attendees, from 5 indigenous nations, participants ranging from age 3 to age 80, and leaders from 7 southern states and Puerto Rico who answered the call to action in south Louisiana!

On behalf of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy and the United Houma Nation, we want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who participated in #Bayou Rising 2018 and donated to the success of this annual event. We want to offer a special gratitude to the Southern Movement Assembly for connecting this event to the 2018 Southern People’s Power Tour. And shout out to Kingdom Living Temple, for making #Bayou Rising 2018 a stop on the Justice First Tour.

In south Louisiana, climate change is not some distant threat. We know it already happening, and we understand it is connected to all of our justice fights. The seas are rising... and so are WE!

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